Implementation and consultancy services

We designed our software to be powerful. But the true power of PeopleFluent is in our people, who can help you maximize value from your investment.

Expert guidance through implementation, onboarding, and beyond

Our team of experts will help implement your systems, onboard and train your users, and streamline your processes. So you can focus on the business at hand, and be confident our technology will do what we promise.

With PeopleFluent you get:

  • Experienced project management, with attention to detail on planning and resource coordination
  • Industry-standard methods (OWASP, ITIL, ISO-27001) to keep your project on time and on budget
  • Proven phased approach with clear roles and responsibilities
  • Close collaboration with and review by your team
  • User acceptance testing (UAT) support in preparation for go-live
  • Quality certification to ensure the solution meets all specifications
  • Best practices and intuitive solutions
  • Trusted advisors who act as a champion for your business needs
  • Expert consultancy on our suite of products.

We guide your project team through the process, starting with pre-kickoff and discovery. We lead configuration, integration, data import and validation. And as part of delivery and deployment, we deliver effective training to your end users.

Our team also provides cycle support, managed services, and other consulting—working with you to maximize ROI on our products.

96% Customer Satisfaction Rating For Our Service Delivery

We measure ourselves based on what our clients say about us and how they rate our service. Our Professional Services team members take pride in delivering the highest quality services. To ensure we are achieving our service levels, we regularly survey our customers after each services engagement.

Our track record speaks for itself. We ask one simple question - "Would you work with our team again?" To date, we have achieved a 96% satisfaction rating to that question. This rating underscores PeopleFluent's committment to understanding our customers' needs and providing thorough and efficient service levels for our clients.

The most powerful thing to me has been the flexibility that the PeopleFluent system has brought to us. I drive the process, not the system.

- Director of Talent and Faculty Affairs, Medical College of Wisconsin

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