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Talent Management Essentials for Performance

Bring Your Performance Strategy to Life, Fast


Implement a Comprehensive, Launch-Ready Solution in a Matter of Weeks

When selecting a performance management solution, an organization expects to get value from the features and functions. But without an effective—and efficient—approach to implementation, it takes longer to realize that value. Longer than your leaders want.

With PeopleFluent, you're in good hands.

Our Talent Management Essentials for Performance enables organizations to quickly implement their strategic vision and begin to realize business value from our performance management solution immediately.


Accelerate Time to Value

Faster time to value means your organization can impact business goals by improving compensation planning and execution. And you can enhance the employee experience by developing their talents and aligning performance to business results—in the most cost-effective way possible.

Within 6–12 weeks, your organization can

  • Support your unique performance management processes
  • Streamline performance appraisals
  • Improve manager feedback and conversations
  • Gain actionable insights from performance data
  • Align individual performance with business goals.
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Fast Doesn't Mean Limited

Incorporate best practices without settling for an inferior solution with limited functionality. Give your talent management team a fully featured system that includes

  • PeopleFluent’s award-winning Talent Productivity Platform
  • Fully configured evaluation processes and forms
  • Annual and interim evaluation workflows
  • Custom rating scales
  • Robust competency library
  • Support for multi-rater and 360 reviews
  • Powerful journaling and continuous feedback capabilities
  • Personalized employee evaluation statements.

Find out how Talent Management Essentials can bring your performance strategy to life.
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