PeopleFluent Guided Tour - Performance Storyboard

Learn how you can attract, and retain a high performing workforce by aligning people and business performance continuously with PeopleFluent’s performance management solution. With PeopleFluent, individual performance is aligned to corporate and individual goals while streamlining the multi-dimensional review process.

In this self-guided product tour you will find:

  • A day in the life of a Director of Engineering using PeopleFluent Performance Management
  • Automated tasks, streamlined performance processes and simplified access to total performance details for insightful information to make educated performance decisions.


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Tom Trumbull
Director of Engineering  

Tom manages a team of 10 engineers with varying levels of experience and skills. He wants to make sure he has a handle on everyday tasks related to his team as well as keeping track of top performers.

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Let’s get ready for the day
Tom is provided with a workspace that allows him to identify and complete all of his performance management tasks. From this one screen he can launch into various paths to help him develop and retain great talent. With quick access to daily tasks and feedback tools that facilitate a year round, collaborative, “always-on” performance process, Tom can make real-time management decisions and have informed communication with his team. He can even view performance related videos that help with coaching a new manager or review the latest processes instituted by HR. From this one dashboard, Tom can access everything he needs to manage performance related tasks with his team