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Visualizing Analytics: The Answer to Workforce Planning

Tim Castelli
on February 15, 2018

In modern organizations, the hierarchal manager/employee relationship is no longer the sole focus of workforce planning. Instead, what’s been dubbed “the war room of HR” must account for a variety of matrixed teams and indirect reporting relationships.

To plan for and around these relationships, first you must understand them. And spreadsheets with rows and columns of workforce data don’t help.

Dynamically visualizing your workforce analytics—seeing it in ways that a spreadsheet can’t show—is the answer to successful workforce planning.

The Power of Dynamic Data Visualization

Viewing workforce numbers and relationships without visualizing the workforce structure can prevent an organization from aligning—and staying aligned—with their strategy.

For profitable and sustainable growth, CEOs and senior leadership must know whether their talent, organization structure, costs, and objectives are aligned. Shifting demographics, dynamic priorities, and complex organizational models require an up-to-date view of the workforce, frequent analysis, and dynamic visualization to ensure alignment.

Visualizing your workforce analytics enables you to make more informed decisions about critical talent management programs, including

  • Recruitment needs
  • Production and organizational objectives
  • Succession and retirement plans
  • Diversity initiatives.

It starts with pulling and organizing data from multiple sources—including ERPs, HRIS, payroll, and applicant tracking systems. Those data then feed into dynamic hierarchical and matrixed organizational charts, reports, and analytics that provide deep visibility into your organization.

Strong Talent Grids and Granular Control – The Latest Release of OrgPublisher

Recently we released a new version of our OrgPublisher® software—a versatile tool that streamlines the process of aggregating, visualizing, and analyzing critical workforce data.

This release provides new features for developing talent grids, a powerful tool for talent assessment and workforce planning. Enhanced security features provide more granular control over end-user features, access, and data export functions. Plus, it offers additional performance and usability improvements.

Find and Fill Your High-Impact Positions with Unlimited Talent Grids

A vital part of strategic workforce planning is identifying roles that have the most impact on your organization and ensuring you have high-quality talent to fill them. When working through a succession planning process or trying to fill a vacated critical role, you need a quick view of your available talent.

The OrgPublisher talent grid can compare your probable successors according to past performance and future potential. The grid becomes a talent assessment and workforce planning tool for executive leadership, managers, and HR to compare candidates across multiple criteria based on the role’s requirements.

In its latest release, OrgPublisher offers an unlimited number of talent grids per chart, a streamlined process for configuring rows and columns, and a new drill-down capability gives you access to additional employee data.

Empowering Managers and Leaders with Streamlined Reporting and Insights

OrgPublisher delivers dynamic visualizations of your organizational structure, position types, span of control, compensation, and more—empowering your leaders with visibility into departmental and organizational restructuring visibility. Using OrgPublisher, you can

  • Configure charts and views for planning
  • Aggregate performance information by manager, division, and individual
  • Drill into all content to see additional data per employee
  • Empower managers with metrics at all layers within their span of control.

These powerful features deliver the workforce visualization, reporting, and insights you need to make informed workforce planning decisions. With more than 50 pre-built reports, you can streamline reporting and gain quick, secure access to key performance indicators within the context of your organizational structure.

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