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Let PeopleFluent’s OrgPublisher Premier enable your leadership team to take the guesswork out of organizational planning through more informed business decisions with workforce visualization.

  • "What-if…" Planning – See the outcomes of options before you commit to initiatives
  • Analytics – Monitor workforce performance trends
  • Charting & Reporting – Create visually rich charts with customized views

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Visualize Your Workforce

Your senior leadership is looking for a fast track to performance improvement, but with evolving priorities, shifting demographics and complex organizational models, it can be challenging to have an accurate view of your current workforce and future scenarios. Let OrgPublisher Premier’s workforce visualization tools, help give your organization the speed and agility to stay ahead of the competition.

“What if…” Planning

Whether your company is undergoing a merger, acquisition, or another significant business event, you need to model corresponding workforce changes to understand business impacts, risks, and dependencies. With our scenario planning, leadership can look further out on time horizon to examine multiple scenarios to guide their near- and long-term workforce decisions.

Succession Visualization

A vital part of HR strategic planning is identifying positions with the most impact on your company. OrgPublisher gives you the ability to comprehensively visualize critical roles, including talent profile comparisons, to confidently implement talent management plans that align with your strategic direction.

Talent Lifecycle Visibility

Your business needs strategic workforce visibility – the ability to gain insights from your workforce data quickly through visualization. Our talent lifecycle visibility allows your organization to spot potential issues quickly and react or proactively take advantage of opportunities.

Talent Acquisition

Tell your company story with built-in video and collaboration tools to attract top talent

Talent Management

Innovative software solutions to deliver exceptional results

Enterprise Learning

  Integrated learning solutions built on compliance management

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