NetDimensions LMS clinches Vendor Excellence Award from the Technology Association of Georgia

NetDimensions LMS, part of PeopleFluent Learning, has become the first-ever winner of the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) Workplace Learning Society’s Vendor Excellence Award. This honor was part of the society’s inaugural Innovation in Learning Awards, which honored individuals and organizations with the most innovative approaches to Learning Solutions in the areas of technology, tools, processes and strategy.

Of the four Innovation in Learning Awards categories, the Vendor Excellence Award was the only recognition reserved expressly for an organization. To be considered for the Vendor Excellence Award, the TAG Workplace Learning Society stipulates that a business has to present an “exceptional learning solution or technology to the marketplace, or has driven a highly successful implementation at a client that can be referenced.” NetDimensions LMS has a strong US presence in Georgia, as well as offices in Hong Kong, Germany, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In its submission, PeopleFluent focused on NetDimensions Mobile, a mobile learning application designed for users of NetDimensions LMS, PeopleFluent's signature learning and compliance management solution. NetDimensions Mobile 2 provides compliance-focused organizations with an effective, cost-saving means of delivering critical content to global, growing networks – all with varying levels of network reliability. This mobile application has made significant contributions within the realm of mobile learning.

"We are very honored to receive this award from TAG,” said Bill Mastin, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at NetDimensions LMS. “In the last 12 months, our mobile solutions have taken a huge leap forward in functionality, allowing our clients to brand their experience and access more features than ever before to support their mobile workforce. We want to thank TAG for recognizing our innovative technology and how it is helping our customers educate and train their mobile teams.”

Mobile access to eLearning has become a top priority for a growing number of organizations across all industries, and NetDimensions LMS has focused on keeping mobile capabilities at the forefront of its innovation, all while keeping it affordable for users.

The TAG Workplace Learning Society Vendor Excellence Award comes on the heels of ranking NetDimensions on its Top 20 Learning Portal Companies List

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