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Compliance and Your LMS

In today’s fast-paced business environment, companies are challenged to adopt and respond to new business and compliance requirements quicker than ever before.

Nowadays, organizations of all sizes face compliance issues—whether to meet government regulations, standards set by the professional bodies to which they belong, or to obtain/maintain qualifications. In some industries, compliance-related matters and their associated risks are of such concern that companies spend millions on compliance-related IT systems.

A good compliance program today may have a broad scope of coverage in terms of subject matter, laws and regulations, and encompass many elements—some technological, others not. But because of urgent regulatory and mandatory demands, technology is playing an increasingly vital and visible role in many organizational compliance regimes. This becomes particularly true as the recognition grows among top management that the right technological solutions, like an LMS, can help guard against non-compliance.

LMS exams

Compliance Training Management

LMS software can and should be an essential element in any organizations’ compliance programs. An LMS can substantially mitigate and eliminate many compliance-related risks by:

  • Assisting with or automating many compliance-related tasks
  • Delivering compliance-related training
  • Conducting compliance-related assessments
  • Awarding compliance-related certifications
  • Managing compliance-related reporting
  • Alerting management to expiring certifications or other potential compliance gaps

Compliance-related user and organizational requirements may place new demands on an LMS that more traditional learning-oriented requirements do not. Thus for an LMS to succeed in a compliance-related role, it must be able to readily adapt to changing needs and offer the requisite reporting, auditing, and security functions.

Be Prepared

Compliance training records are nearly always reviewed during a regulatory inspection or audit. In such an event, significant time will be spent checking that compliance training records are current and agree with the applicable SOPs. In addition, multinational companies have to deal with different regulations and different regulators.

66% of organizations in highly-regulated industries find it critically important to demonstrate learning compliance to external regulatory agencies.
12% of organizations in highly-regulated industries claim they are very prepared for compliance audits
Source: Brandon Hall Group.

Success Stories

"We need to be 100% compliant, in our ethics and business conduct, anti-harassment, foreign corrupt business practices." John Rockett, Manager Learning Management Systems at CH2M Hill

"NetDimensions LMS has the functionality and reporting capabilities we need to meet the requirements of the Joint Commission." – Kathleen Recktenwald, RN, Manager eLearning Development at Norton Healthcare

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