PeopleFluent Adds New Talent Development and Internal Mobility Capabilities Through Acquisition of Patheer

RALEIGH, NC, USA, 16 September 2020—PeopleFluent, a market leader in integrated talent management and learning solutions, today announced the launch of PeopleFluent Talent Mobility, a talent development and analytics platform that nurtures career growth, optimizes training delivery, and empowers employees to visualize and develop personalized career paths.

The foundational technology for the new PeopleFluent Talent Mobility platform will be provided by Patheer, following the company’s acquisition by PeopleFluent’s parent company, Learning Technologies Group plc. Founded in 2013, Patheer was built with the vision of fostering internal growth for employees while helping employers develop, advance, and retain their top talent. The new platform leverages data analytics and machine learning to deliver insights into employee skills, gaps, and career goals.

“Combined with the launch of our next generation PeopleFluent Recruiting solution in June, Talent Mobility significantly expands our capabilities to deliver enhanced external and internal recruiting solutions to our customers. And, as a result of recent market forces, we see more organizations rethinking their talent strategies to put greater focus on developing and retaining their internal talent, while enhancing the employee experience,” said Stephen Bruce, Managing Director, PeopleFluent. “The launch of PeopleFluent Talent Mobility will deliver immediate value to our customers by matching their employees’ career aspirations with relevant jobs, projects, mentors and learning activities that can develop their skills and competencies.”

Available as a stand-alone or bundled offering within the PeopleFluent portfolio of talent management and learning solutions, PeopleFluent Talent Mobility will deliver a new set of capabilities that facilitate internal mobility, drive talent development, and increase overall employee engagement.

"Our mission from the outset has been to create a solution, powered by artificial intelligence, that fit the new model for talent development," said Akash Savdharia, Co-Founder and CEO of Patheer. "We want to enable organizations to become agile and successfully upskill or reskill their internal talent while helping to empower employees to drive their own career paths. Now, as part of PeopleFluent, we are excited to continue the journey of transforming and enhancing the employee experience."

The new Talent Mobility platform will allow organizations to:

  • Connect employees to mentors, projects, and other learning opportunities
  • Build success profiles and identify high potentials and high performers
  • Measure the effectiveness of training programs
  • Gain in-depth visibility into skills (and skills gaps) through talent analytics
  • Forecast future talent and skill capability gaps, and potential flight risks
  • Generate and deliver easy-to-understand talent insight reports
  • Help recruiters identify “ready to work” talent and market opportunities to them
  • Drive more-informed and tailored skills enablement

For more information about PeopleFluent Talent Mobility, visit the Talent Mobility section of

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