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PeopleFluent Compensation Management

PeopleFluent's Compensation Management solution lets global organizations configure their unique competitive compensation strategies to attract, motivate and retain talented people. Its robust calculation engine ensures that appropriate rewards are invested in the people who most deserve them.

PeopleFluent Compensation:

  • Handles merit, short and long term incentive, equity, promotions, spot awards, and other compensation
  • Features a robust calculation engine with self-service configurability to design, model and execute complex global compensation strategies
  • Provides decision support to managers so they can allocate with confidence
  • Aligns compensation with employee performance
  • Facilitates year-round compensation actions
  • Reporting capabilities to support diversity and inclusion objectives and regulatory requirements
  • Embeds business intelligence, video coaching, and detailed analytics.

Global Compensation Planning

PeopleFluent Compensation is a global solution that features a rich calculation engine that guides managers through their merit, short and long term incentive and equity planning decisions.

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Gartner Recognizes PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent received the highest Product Scores of the 12 vendors assessed in the “Attract and Retain Talent” and “High-Volume Talent Management” Use Cases


Configurable, Flexible Plan Design

PeopleFluent Compensation is configurable to tailor the solution to reflect the design of companies’ unique reward strategies. Self-service tools provide access to update the underlying calculation engine.

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Guided Communications

A great compensation planning process relies on the people involved in that process, especially managers empowered to make well-informed discretionary decisions. PeopleFluent Compensation includes decision-making tools that guide managers to make the right total compensation planning decisions for their organizations.

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