Talent Productivity Platform

Unify all your talent acquisition and talent management processes into a single, collaborative workspace that reflects your unique talent strategies, culture, and employer brand


Amplify productivity, engage hiring managers, and craft winning candidate experiences


Build a motivated talent pipeline through career development and succession planning


Balance appraisals, goal setting, and competency assessments with ongoing feedback


Design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs


Elevate patient experience as an employer of choice


Close the skills gap and drive efficiency, quality, and productivity

Financial Services

Transform talent strategies into the engine for business success


Attract and retain high-volume and specialized talent

Pay for Performance

PeopleFluent Compensation supports the strategy of the business by reinforcing a pay-for-performance culture. This includes integration with PeopleFluent Performance to differentiate pay based on performance review results, achievement against goals and incorporation of any number of organizational business metrics.
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Align with Strategic Business Priorities

IDC Recognizes PeopleFluent

IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Integrated Compensation Management 2016 Vendor Analysis
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Retain and Reward 2

Promotions and Other Off-Cycle Rewards

The solution supports periodic focal planning and well as off-cycle rewards like promotions, spot bonuses, retention grants and team awards. Visual tools help managers understand the real time impact of these changes on things like market position and budgetary adherence.
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Compliance and Diversity Support

PeopleFluent reporting capabilities include diversity reports that demonstrate alignment of the compensation plan to the company’s diversity and inclusion objectives and compliance with other regulatory requirements like CEO Pay Ratio and Pay Equity. These reports illustrate trends as planning cycles occur and are available for proactive analysis and attention.
Empower Your Diversity and Inclusion Team

Fair and Equitable Pay

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