Building skills. Growing minds. Reaching potential.

Giving your people learning opportunities is a non-negotiable for your organization to stay compliant. Or to stay competitive. Probably both.

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PeopleFluent Learning gives you the tools to develop and execute your entire learning program, end to end. Create and store materials and assets. Deploy and track your learning programs. Evaluate and adjust programs to make them more effective. Measure and report results.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning is critical for compliance, but that’s just the beginning. People are driven to hone their skills and acquire new knowledge. The PeopleFluent learning management system (LMS) lets you offer and distribute programs to the people who want and need them.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

People are used to intuitive technology. They carry touch-screen devices in their pockets. PeopleFluent’s Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is designed for the mobile generation. It uses user-generated content, social sharing, real-time responses, and digital coaching to offer a 21st-century experience.

Learning Analytics Platform

Can you measure spontaneous learning moments? Do you know the impact your programs have on your people? Powered by Watershed, PeopleFluent’s Learning Analytics tool lets you track learning in all its forms. So you can see growth and demonstrate ROI.

Content Authoring

A learning program is only as good as its content and delivery. PeopleFluent Content Authoring lets designers, instructors and experts work together to build responsive, engaging content in formats that reach employees. Where they are and how they learn.

PeopleFluent provides a next-generation learning platform that meets the needs of major markets, including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and financial services.

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