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PeopleFluent Content Authoring makes building visual, engaging learning tools fast, easy, and even fun.

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A learning program is only as good as its content and delivery. PeopleFluent lets designers, instructors and experts work together to build responsive, engaging content in formats that reach employees. Where they are and how they learn.

Drag-and-drop simplicity

You don’t have to learn coding to create elegant learning modules. Combine videos, text, and interactive elements to engage learners. Publish instantly and make changes anytime.

Optimized for a mobile workforce

Create mobile- optimized learning content that employees can use wherever they are. The simple, modern interface makes content easy to find and consume. On any screen.

Streamlined collaboration

Allow instructional designers and SMEs to work closely and efficiently. Collaborators can work simultaneously, from any location, to build effective, engaging learning tools.

PeopleFluent has a strong track record of supporting HR operations in large organizations with complex workforce needs—especially in industries prone to digital disruption.

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