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A critical and serious part of learning is the assessment of what users have learned. Organizations often need a sophisticated, fully functional testing and exam solution. NetDimensions Exams is designed to cope with all levels and types of assessments:

  • competency and skills tests
  • regulatory assessments
  • certifications
  • professional qualifications
  • knowledge assessments
  • quality assessments
  • quizzes, surveys, and questionnaires
LMS exams

Online Assessments to Track Workforce Readiness

NetDimensions Exams maximizes the productivity of people involved in developing and managing assessments in order to help meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements. It enables your organization to manage the entire assessment process with optimal control and security in any type of high-stakes environment. Organizations use NetDimensions Exams to ensure consistent quality and security of assessments and assessment programs—from authoring questions, administration, scheduling, and delivering, to reporting and analysis.

Organizations can then accurately measure employee competency and ensure they possess the appropriate skills at the required proficiency levels and certify that all relevant and necessary compliance requirements are met.

NetDimensions Exams is available as a standalone enterprise assessment solution or part of NetDimensions LMS.

Are you ready to take advantage of a centralized online assessments solution?

Key Features

Optimized for authoring, scheduling, delivering, tracking, and reporting different kinds of assessments

Role-based security to restrict access to assessments, assessment pools, questions, and question pools

Sophisticated network location security and access code security with optional levels for workflow access during the exam management process

Create multiple assessments with templates based on question pools

Comprehensive reporting capabilities

Support both online and paper-based assessments

Automatic Exemption Policies feature to tailor training to each individual learner

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