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Because learning is not a one-off event, creating a culture of continuous learning means letting employees know what they’re expected to learn and by when. NetDimensions LMS gives learners a clear representation of their learning journey in the form of a visually-engaging, color-coded learning path.

Studies show that our brains are better equipped to remember and retain visuals, as opposed to words. That’s why NetDimensions LMS uses simple but effective color-coded learning pathways.


What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a graphical representation of your learners’ training plans. In NetDimensions LMS, learning paths show a graphical layout of a user’s training plans, courses, and learning objects. The learning path allows learners to easily see which items/courses:

  • green_icon
    have been completed (green)
  • amber_icon
    are in progress (amber)
  • red_icon
    need urgent action (red)


  • At-a-glance visual learner journey increases motivation and engagement
  • Configurable pathways – structures can be easily collapsed and expanded, and you can switch between vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Support for multiple assignments where employees work at several branches of the same organization
  • Multi-language information – the course title and description are displayed in the users’ preferred language
  • Ability for LMS administrators to send learners course completion reminder emails straight from the system

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