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    Manage regulatory training

    Such as The Joint Commission, Corporate Compliance, ICD-10, HIPAA, and OSHA among many others, with proven excellent compliance results met by our clients. Compliance is what we do!

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    Be creative, yet practical

    We don't believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. NetDimensions LMS is a fully integrated, organically developed, modern learning management system that allows you to craft the right solution for your organization.

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    Educate your community

    NetDimensions LMS helps you create as many separate learning portals for different audiences as you need—from personnel training to patient, community, and vendor education.

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    Access best-in-class courseware

    NetDimensions LMS is your one-stop provider of complete healthcare compliance eLearning solutions with customized content libraries for The Joint Commission/OSHA, etc.

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    Or use the content & authoring tools of your choice

    NetDimensions LMS also allows you to upload to our own courseware at no extra charge and track any type of AICC or SCORM content data so as to maximize your content investment.

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    Access to Mobile-Friendly Learning

    We offer high-security mobile access to training and resources, both online and offline. Healthcare professionals can conduct a bedside assessment or take training anywhere, anytime. After all, most people in Healthcare do not sit behind a desk anyway.

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    Prepare highly reliable exams

    NetDimensions Exams enables randomizing and customizing knowledge and compliance assessment tests like no other product in the market.

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    Integrate with the systems you like and already use

    NetDimensions LMS integrates into a wide array of HR software, CRM systems, existing websites or hospital portals.

Our Solutions

End-to-End People Compliance

You can schedule and implement obligatory training programs, such as HIPAA and OSHA training, to ensure that all employees adhere to the regulatory procedures specific to their job role, area of specialization, and location. Automatic tracking and notifications help following employees' training plans and reminding employees to take training in time and within grace periods. At the same time, integrated compliance reporting provides management with a unified view of compliance-related risk across the whole workforce.

Accreditations & Competency Management

The learning paths in NetDimensions LMS provide healthcare employees with a visual way to highlight their journey towards attaining certificates and competencies. Learning paths help maintain the flow of continuing education by reminding employees when it’s time to take new training for compliance or professional development. Automated workflows around expiry dates or grace periods and integrated reporting provide the level of flexibility and sophistication required to effectively manage clinical competencies in healthcare.

Patient & Community Portals

With interactive, custom-branded portals, we open new horizons for educating external communities. Learning portals connect directly to NetDimensions LMS and enable a new kind of patient and community outreach and engagement. Do you need to offer first aid training registration and invoicing on your website, secure outpatient training after your patients check out of hospital following a surgery, or to make sure that your suppliers meet your regulatory demands? The possibilities are unlimited.

Clinical Staff Assessments

With NetDimensions LMS, you always remain aligned with the competency and performance levels in your organization. Our competency assessments are configurable and straight-forward to complete by anyone in the organization and at any time. Our mobile supervisory assessments enable conducting assessment at the bedside even when no Internet connectivity is available. Moreover, a sophisticated exam engine provides unique knowledge assessment capabilities for high-stakes exams and recurrent training requirements, such as HIPAA compliance training.

eLearning Libraries

NetDimensions LMS offers a comprehensive library of compliance content libraries and end-to-end solutions for healthcare professionals, including:

• The Joint Commission/OSHA
• Cegos eLearning catalog

Staff Retention Challenges in Healthcare

The PeopleFluent Product Suite

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