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Challenges in Managing Product Quality & Safety Globally

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    Product Quality

    Is your staff fully skilled to ensure your products meet the highest quality standards?

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    Regulatory Compliance Across Markets

    Are you ready for compliance audits on the legal regulations in all markets where your organization operates?

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    Extended Enterprise

    Do you provide your suppliers and distribution channels with training based on their specific needs?

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    Data Security

    Does your data hosting environment meet the highest safety standards?

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    Economic Pressures

    How do you keep training costs down and increase productivity at the same time?

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    Health and Safety

    How do you manage health and safety training to reduce the total cost of accidents and lost working days?

Challenges in Attracting and Keeping Talent

80% of companies indicate that machinists, operators, craft workers, distributors, and technician positions will be hardest hit by retirements in the upcoming years

95% of companies have talent shortages in skilled manufacturing roles

Can You Afford the Total Cost of Quality and Safety Failure?


Immediate Costs:

  •   Tarnished company reputation
  •   Poor financial performance
  •   Ruined careers and personal lives
  •   Fines and fees

Long-Term Costs:

  •   Removal of non-compliant product from the market
  •   Lost momentum as competitors enter the market
  •   Design, requalification and testing of replacement product
  •   Loss of market share and company value

Can You Afford the Excess Time Spent Hiring and Training Continuously?

  •   Increasing complexity of jobs (use of technology)
  •   Generation change, employees retire faster than they can be replaced
  •   Off-shoring/re-shoring
  •   High employee turnover
  •   Economic slowdown and budget constraints in L&D
  •   People-centric manufacturing: less workers need to do more production

Our Solutions

Manage Compliance Across Extended Enterprise

Manage all (staff, external suppliers and partners) training records using one system.

Be prepared for compliance audits and have training records always ready for inspection by using the efficient centralized reporting tools for a complete view of the whole extended enterprise.

NetDimensions LMS is a central solution for compliance training and certification management. It provides efficient centralized reporting tools for a complete view of the whole extended enterprise across all markets.

Proactive Approach to Compliance

Reduce the long-term costs of non-compliance by making compliance training a daily routine for management and employees. Best-in-class organizations are moving from a reactive approach to compliance to a proactive one.

NetDimensions LMS is at the forefront of proactive compliance reporting with:
• Competency-based compliance reporting to highlight current compliance levels and ongoing compliance risks, including the ability to drill-down to specific departments, teams, and individual employees
• A ‘Compliance Analysis’ module that includes a set of out-of-the-box reports specific to training compliance

Mobile Solution for Flexible Training and Performance Support

Offer your dispersed workforce flexible ways of taking training based on personal preferences, on the mobile device of their choosing. Engage a new generation of employees with innovative, at-their-moment-of-need learning experiences.

NetDimensions Mobile is a native mobile app for on-the-job training and performance support. NetDimensions Mobile provides both online and offline access to learning materials, so your learners can access content wherever and whenever they need to.

The Role of Data Security

Manage all data in a validated secure SaaS environment (FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 1 and 11). NetDimensions LMS allows you to manage upgrades and security without extra costs, so you can benefit from predictable and competitive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We also offer an on-premise option as an alternative.

NetDimensions LMS has been validated for US FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11 compliance requirements in client implementations worldwide. The NetDimensions LMS validation is practical, defensible, and in keeping with the most stringent computer system validations in highly-regulated industries.

Success Stories

"We have grown together with NetDimensions LMS. They have built a learning management solution that is structured just for us which meets all our needs... no compromise." – Jay Costello, Director Dealer Marketing at Hyster-Yale Group

"The exam engine that NetDimensions LMS offers is superior to any other we've looked at." – Anne Ward, Manager Curriculum Development at Hyster-Yale Group

The PeopleFluent Product Suite

Bring your enterprise talent strategy to life with best-in-class software and integrated talent suites. Power your processes with unmatched flexibility. Elevate the employee experience, drive performance, and boost your employer brand.