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What is your Cost of Compliance?

As part of one of the most highly-regulated industries in the world, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of millions of travellers. Training professionals and compliance officers like you are under constant pressure to ensure employees across your organization, as well as external staff of companies that support your business, comply with a multitude of regulations set by national and international regulatory bodies.

The importance of compliance training has led many organizations to set up and maintain multiple systems, diverse processes, and different technologies. This piecemeal approach increases Total Cost of Ownership, prohibits a 360-degree view of people compliance, and introduces additional levels of risk.

But there’s a more effective and efficient way for you to monitor and ensure both internal and external staff meet competency requirements.

Training Challenges

As a Forward-Thinking Organization...
It doesn't matter whether you operate a regional or long-haul carrier, a cruise shipping or railway company, you need to keep track of learning competencies and certification levels for hundreds or thousands of employees across the operational divisions of the organization.

How many hours (and millions of dollars in revenue) do you lose due to downtime brought about by:

• required recertification or other regulatory training programs in classrooms or training centers
• the need to conduct and process on-the-job or supervisory assessments
to ensure the requirements for regulatory compliance is maintained, especially with respect to safety and maintenance training programs, as well as Evidence Based Training (EBT) that covers recurrent training and type-rating training?
There is a better way for you to significantly reduce and efficiently manage the time your employees need to spend away from doing what they do best, wherever they are in the world.
As a Training Provider...
Similar to the internal training departments of airline carriers, Type Rating Training Organizations (TRTOs), flight academies, and dedicated flight training organizations deliver rigorous training programs for various customers in the aviation and aerospace industry. The same can be expected of training providers in the cruise shipping and railway sectors.

Did you know that you can:
• manage the training programs,
• conduct high-stakes exams, Type Ratings, and
• manage recurring certifications
for any number of organizations using just a single system while at the same time compartmentalizing the information each organization can access and providing a personalized experience to each customer organization?

There is a better way for you to stay competitive and profitable, as well as maintain high levels of service quality by delivering training programs in organization-specific learning and assessment environments that are powered by a single system.

Our Solutions

Electronic Training Records

Training records must be inspection-ready, whether they are stored as paper-based or electronic records.

When preparing for an inspection, a significant amount of time will be spent checking that records are current and agree with applicable Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and more importantly, Evidence Based Training (EBT) and safety training programs.

NetDimensions LMS has secure system controls to prevent unauthorized access and to maintain data integrity and data accuracy at all times. NetDimensions LMS’ electronic records are updated in real time for proactive compliance reporting. They are also quick and easy to access and report on, thus allowing your organization to be inspection-ready more effectively and efficiently.

Type Rating Training

Whether you’re an airline that is also a Type Rating Training Organization or you’re a TRTO who works with various airlines, your goal is to provide the most advanced and comprehensive type rating training programs that cover the fleet you operate or a wide spectrum of commercial aircraft types, respectively.

With NetDimensions LMS, you can ensure that pilots, cabin crew, or maintenance repair operations personnel are qualified to operate, serve, or maintain the aircraft, as well as have enough time to keep current with their type rating training qualifications.

NetDimensions LMS enables you to set grace periods, monitor technical job profiles and competencies, and conduct high-stakes examinations. It also supports e-signature workflows and audits to ensure the integrity of training records.

Recurrent Training & Certifications

NetDimensions LMS contains a secure, high-stakes exam engine for testing the understanding of SOPs and EBT programs, especially type-rating training, or any recurrent/recertification training.

NetDimensions Exams moves compliance from check boxes to actual knowledge assessments with a variety of exam formats, powerful workflows and unparalleled security.

NetDimensions LMS provides all the necessary APIs to link to a client's document management repository and provide a full audit trail (including electronic signatures) of who has done what, where and when in relation to training activity around these documents.

Learning On-The-Go

NetDimensions LMS supports a multi-pronged mobile learning strategy that enables airline employees to access on-the-go training without interrupting their schedules to be summoned back to training rooms.

NetDimensions LMS has a native mobile application, NetDimensions Mobile, for on-the-job training and performance support. The app provides both online and offline access to learning materials.

Mobile Crew Assessments

NetDimensions LMS’ mobile app, NetDimensions Mobile, supports supervisor assessments for crew competencies or knowledge levels that can be performed on a mobile device and results can be automatically synchronized with NetDimensions LMS.

Mobile crew assessments enable supervisors to evaluate employee performance in real time and while on the job, whether they are in the cockpit, airplane cabin, on deck, or in maintenance facilities. With smart synchronization, NetDimensions LMS remains the single system of record regardless of where assessments are completed.

Compliance Analysis

Best-in-class organizations are moving from a reactive approach to compliance to a proactive one.

NetDimensions LMS has been in the forefront of proactive compliance management with:
• Competency-based compliance reporting to highlight current compliance levels and ongoing compliance risks, including the ability to drill-down to specific functions, teams, and individual employees
• A ‘Compliance Analysis’ module that includes a set of out-of-the-box reports specific to training compliance

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