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Secure Saas LMS

SaaS LMS Offering Best-in-Class Security

NetDimensions LMS’ Secure SaaS provides a unique and innovative approach to SaaS (Software as a Service) that is optimized for our clients based on their size, organizational complexity, and the industry sector they operate in.

The NetDimensions LMS ‘Secure SaaS model’ provides all the benefits of SaaS delivery, plus a complete new set of benefits that is unique across all SaaS providers.

SaaS Benefits

  • Predictable Total Cost of Ownership

    NetDimensions LMS provides flexible pricing to meet elasticity of demand so that clients can grow their business without compromising on functionality, performance or infrastructure security.

  • Rapid Deployment & Ease of Administration

    NetDimensions LMS manages the system environment, security, and upgrades at no additional cost to the client. This, along with the speed of deployment, is one of the most attractive aspects of SaaS.

  • Global Accessibility

    NetDimensions LMS is available in over 40 languages for both the user and administrator interfaces. For each client, the solution can be localized at the company, organization, group, or individual user level.

  • Rapid Innovation

    Since every client is on the same code base, the latest version of the LMS, complete with the most recent feature set, is always available to all cloud-based LMS clients. An agile product development methodology with around two releases per year ensures that new innovations and features requested by clients are available in a release.

  • Unique Client Personalization & Control

    This is a common disadvantage of most multi-tenancy SaaS offers in the market. Uniquely among SaaS providers, NetDimensions LMS offers the ability to personalise the solution for each client to meet their particular needs. Moreover, each client is given control to decide when to upgrade their software environment so that upgrades can be timed to meet specific rollout plans or compliance approval requirements.

  • Software Validation for Compliance

    The NetDimensions LMS ‘Secure SaaS model’ is uniquely qualified to support software validation against regulatory requirements (e.g. 21 CFR Part 11 or EU GMP Annex 11) down to individual client environments.

  • World-class Security & Integrity

    With ISO 27001 certification, multiple data centers in key locations worldwide, client data compartmentalization to address data privacy controls, transactional security, encrypted data backups, regular penetration testing, and a variety of other advanced security features, NetDimensions LMS offers the most Secure SaaS architecture in the market today.

ISO 27001 Certification

With our ‘Secure SaaS’ model, we manage the NetDimensions LMS applications and data in our world-class, ISO 27001-certified facilities. Clients who choose our Secure SaaS offering have full confidence that NetDimensions LMS has implemented strict hosting procedural guidelines, checks and balances, automated systems, and backup procedures. All our data centers have been audited by international experts for adherence to the most stringent security management guidelines.


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