Org Charts and Reporting

Drive informed business decisions

Enable your managers to make informed business decisions in today’s dynamic, global marketplace with visualization of the workforce the way you do business. PeopleFluent® OrgPublisher Premier engages your management team with a hierarchical view of actionable metrics that enhance headcount, diversity, succession, performance and budget planning strategies.

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Integrate with Current ERP and HRIS Systems

Aggregate and automate data transfer from multiple data sources such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, Payroll Systems, spreadsheets, and much more. Improve data integrity and visibility to key HR data and metrics across the organization by leveraging multiple data sources.


View Visually Rich Organization Charts

Visualize reporting relationships including indirect reports or chain of command. Report on searchable employee information related to headcount, diversity, compensation figures and more.


Pre-Built Workforce Reports

Easily import your data into professionally-formatted templates to access a hierarchical view of key metrics by Span of Control, Headcount, Direct Reports, Absentee Rates, Open Positions, and much more for greater visibility into your workforce.


Build Workforce Models

Enhance division, departmental, or team plans using 9-box matrices and side-by-side profile comparisons to engage in "What-if?" or other organizational planning scenarios, such as budgeting, in a secure environment to reduce risks.


Easily Distribute Up-to-date charts

Easily export organization charts and reports to Excel, HTML, PowerPoint and PDF, or print charts in wall chart or book style formats.

enterprise performance management system

Visualize Your Talent Decisions with Org Charts Driven by Actionable Metrics


Streamline Organizational Planning

When mapping business strategy, you need to be able to identify and capitalize on workforce talent and determine how your decisions will impact the organization. Various pre-built reports enable decision makers to visualize key metrics to quickly and easily identify areas of need in your organization.


Effective Business Decisions through “What-If” Planning

Key stakeholders can focus on the effectiveness of their talent decisions with built-in “what if” scenario planning, or create and maintain Succession plans. Leverage workforce data such as headcount, employee performance ratings or salary under a specific manager’s span of control before making critical business decisions.


Data Visualization from Multiple HR Sources

Easily incorporate multiple data sources to construct a total view of your organization’s talent footprint. No longer will you be limited to data residing in your single system of record; now you will be able to leverage all data sources to visualize all key HCM data and metrics.


Secure Administration

Feel confident in the type of data visible to end-users. Select from many security options when it comes to securing your HR data. Both role-based and hierarchical security can be leveraged to control chart access as well as visibility into individual data fields.

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