Talent Productivity Platform

Unify all your talent acquisition and talent management processes into a single, collaborative workspace that reflects your unique talent strategies, culture, and employer brand


Amplify productivity, engage hiring managers, and craft winning candidate experiences


Build a motivated talent pipeline through career development and succession planning


Balance appraisals, goal setting, and competency assessments with ongoing feedback


Design, model, and execute end-to-end compensation programs


Elevate patient experience as an employer of choice


Close the skills gap and drive efficiency, quality, and productivity

Financial Services

Transform talent strategies into the engine for business success


Attract and retain high-volume and specialized talent

Organizational Developement


Strategic Organizational Planning

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Organizational Development

Seeing workforce numbers without visualizing your workforce structure can hinder an organization from staying in alignment with business strategy. 

OrgPublisher® provides a structural view of your workforce, whether a hierarchical or a matrix organization view, to help senior managers proactively address workforce misalignment.  You can be assured that the type and confidentiality of information visible to end-users is tightly controlled through a myriad of security options available in OrgPublisher. Both role-based and hierarchical security can be leveraged to control chart access as well as visibility into individual data fields.

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“OrgPublisher has now become an integral part of our HR processes. At this point, it is almost inseparable. Our HR team members see OrgPublisher as their own management tool."

Oluwole Ojo, HR System Security Manager, NBCUniversal

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Talent Lifecycle Visibility

Your organization needs strategic visibility – the ability to quickly gain insights from your workforce data through visualization.  This visibility is critical when identifying and analyzing your workforce throughout the talent lifecycle - from recruitment to retirement.  Talent lifecycle visibility within OrgPublisher allows your organization to spot potential issues quickly and react or proactively take advantage of opportunities.  Some examples include:

  • Viewing open positions across the enterprise and seeing a misalignment in open positions between low- and high-priority functions
  • Seeing the number of retirement-eligible employees and spotting where issues could arise if proper succession planning is not enacted
  • Spotting significant number of employees with specific expertise gained through training, and putting plan in place to exploit a weakness in your competition. The automation inherent within OrgPublisher results in fast, accurate reporting, that turns visibility into a vision for success for your enterprise.  OrgPublisher’s capabilities ensure your management team is not just seeing the data, but also visualizing the impact on the talent lifecycle.


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Value of Visibility

Workforce visibility empowers better analysis, planning, and collaboration

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Workforce Planning

Whether your company is undergoing a merger, acquisition, divestiture, or other significant business event, you need to model your corresponding workforce changes to better understand the business ramifications, cost impacts, risks and dependencies.  Workforce modeling serves as an intersection for HR and Finance, where both departments collaborate on budgeting and headcount planning, reductions in force, and long-term strategic workforce planning. 

With OrgPublisher’s built-in “what if” scenario planning, your leadership can look further out on the time horizon to examine multiple scenarios and help guide their near-term and long-term workforce decisions.  Plus, because plans can become obsolete quickly in today’s increasingly dynamic business environment, you need a continual workforce planning strategy.  OrgPublisher’s “what-if” planning capabilities along with accurate and up-to-date workforce data provide you the ability to make workforce planning not just a once a year project, but an on-going initiative to stay ahead of the competition.

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Succession Visualization

A vital part of every HR strategic planning process is identifying roles that have the most impact on your business and ensuring high quality talent is in place for those positions. When working through a succession planning process or trying to fill a vacated critical role, quickly viewing what talent is available is crucial.  Having the ability to comprehensively visualize critical roles, including viewing talent profile comparisons, allows your organization to implement the talent management plans that match your strategic direction.

With pre-built reporting showing where to capitalize on your high-performers, OrgPublisher is the next generation of tools for improved talent acquisition and management. 

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