Make hiring your strength

People are your greatest asset, and PeopleFluent helps you find the right people. Fast.

4 People sit around a meeting table in front of windows looking out onto a city skyline

When you need to get people in place, PeopleFluent Recruitment software helps you get it done. Fast. Manage your hiring process across your entire enterprise, from vetting candidates to managing interviews to onboarding new hires. So they can start adding value, quickly.

True total workforce

Recruit and hire top talent on a global scale. So you’re always prepared to fill critical roles, and your teams are always staffed for success.

woman using recruiting dashboard

Global scalability

Fill roles at global locations by hiring from the local talent pools. Seamlessly align your processes with local laws, languages and cultures.

person reviewing international candidates

Video integration

Make the hiring process faster through video job descriptions and on-demand video interviews. Increase efficiency while engaging candidates as individuals.

video intergation

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