Analytics for Succession Planning

Succession planning works best if it involves data and fact. Use analytics to identify your next leaders. Or grow them. Did you know? PeopleFluent partnered with Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and planning, to bring these features to you!

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When the world is constantly changing, continuity is critical. Succession planning software from PeopleFluent helps you get there. A complete, flexible, functional toolset that gives you what you need to make the right decisions about your organization’s future.

Develop a fact-based succession plan

Don’t overlook the disruption of employee movement or make important decisions based on hunches. See when and where replacements will be required with analytics for succession planning.

Leverage our analytics tools to inform your succession plans

  • Use predictive analytics to determine who is likely to leave based on past trends
  • Drill down to see when and where replacements will be required
  • Ensure your development plans are effective, and that you have sufficient coverage for each of the key positions

Strengthen your succession pipeline

Make the right decisions about your organization’s future by analyzing trends to make informed decisions about succession planning.

Understand your internal candidate pipeline

  • View the size of your succession candidate pool by position and candidate readiness, then predict who is ready now or will be in the future
  • Identify trends in your organization’s succession plans to streamline your succession strategy
  • Break down time-since-promotion by succession job and discover actionable insights

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