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Headcount with Sum Salary

Strategic Visibility across Your Workforce

OrgPublisher® software creates dynamic organizational charts that display compensation, attrition rate, internal talent pools, and other critical talent data—providing real-time visibility into the total workforce—permanent and contingent.

Executives and HR leaders at more than 2,000 organizations use these charts and dashboards to drive strategic talent decisions and workforce planning.

Focus on Strategy

Gain Strategic Insights

React quickly to workforce misalignments and proactively take advantage of opportunities available within your talent pool.


Drive Decisions with Data

Enhance headcount, diversity, succession, and performance planning with real-time insights, pre-built reporting templates, and dashboards.


Enhance Employee Collaboration

Improve collaboration between employees with a dynamic and visually intuitive directory.

Set Meaningful Benchmarks IconDIInsights

Visualize Your Global Workforce

See your entire enterprise, including country operations, at a glance.



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Real-Time, Intuitive Data Visualization

  • View data through easy-to-use dashboards
  • Clarify complex, matrixed organizational structures
  • View open positions across the enterprise so you can identify and correct misalignments
  • Identify retirement-eligible employees and target succession planning efforts
  • Review learning and development data to identify training gaps and opportunities

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Managing Headcount and More with Aggregated Data: Virginia DOT


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