Integrated Talent Management for mid-enterprise businesses

Delightfully easy to use. Amazingly feature-rich. Quick to implement.

The time-saving, ROI-boosting tools for growing companies

You don’t have to settle for limited functionality, work-arounds, and cumbersome training. PeopleFluent Talent Management software was created for your business. Features and capabilities you need to manage your talent programs using your current staff and resources. An easy-to-use experience and premium support that gets you up and running in weeks, not months. A pre-configured environment that can be deployed quickly, saving time and boosting ROI.


Become an “employer of choice” with PeopleFluent. Create a motivated, high-achieving workforce. See your company’s strengths and gaps, and build programs that get results.


PeopleFluent helps you maintain continuity through leadership changes. Plan for change by identifying potential, creating talent pools, and developing future leaders.


PeopleFluent lets you empower managers to attract and retain top talent while staying within your budget. Build compensation plans that work for your industry and your culture. And deliver business results.


Support a modern learning culture with the easy-to-use PeopleFluent Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Match people with the right content, created by subject matter experts and peer groups.

Org Charting

With OrgPublisher, you can see all your critical workforce data in easy-to-read org charts. Even if you have complex global operations, matrixed teams, or a large contingent workforce. Try it free for 30 days.

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