6 Reasons Your Employees Are Disengaged

Erin Cushing
Sep 01, 2015

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Employee engagement: easy to define, tough to measure, and critical to your organization. When employees are disengaged with their work and their employer, their productivity goes down - and they start thinking about leaving your organization altogether. Keeping your employees engaged means that your retention rates and employee performance rates will go up, saving you precious time and resources.

The first step to improving employee engagement is knowing what's causing your employees' dissatisfaction. Aside from the usual job function-related specifics, tere can be company-wide challenges you'll need to identify and overcome. Here are just 6 of them: 

Share this info with your team: here's our infographic on employee engagement.

Now that know what to look for, you can start working on keeping employees motivated and engaged with your organization. One strategy is to offer opportunities for continuous collaborative learning. Learn how to use this tactic to strengthen your employees' commitment to your organization with our "Continuous Collaborative Learning" paper - and make them more developed performers to boot!  

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