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Anytime, Anywhere Feedback Improves Business Outcomes

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Kerry Fuqua
on March 18, 2016

It’s just about that time of year again – performance review season. As your employees slog through their self-assessments, and you begin to dive into all of those reviews, you may wonder: is there a better way to develop my employees? When you’re empowered with the right performance management tools, the answer is yes – by implementing Anytime, Anywhere Feedback. 

Anytime, Anywhere Feedback is the mechanism you can use to create an environment of continuous, collaborative assessment that will give your employees real-time feedback on an ongoing basis from a wide team of contributors.  With this tool, you’ll have the ability to provide both real-time and 360° feedback, which means your employees will get positive and constructive feedback not just from direct supervisors, but also from peers, colleagues, direct reports, and other managers. 

Anyone who interacts with your employees can provide feedback easily – enabling both deep and broad perspective on employee accomplishments and opportunities for improvement. These 360° views helps your employees develop a fuller, more robust view of their work and success, and will allow them to better hone in on areas to improve upon.

The research backs up Anytime, Anywhere Feedback as well. According to Brandon Hall research, 92% of talent professionals consider real-time feedback an effective or highly effective development activity.  By using Anytime, Anywhere Feedback in your performance strategy, you’ll provide your employees a more comprehensive view of their performance.  You’ll help them to improve and develop skills and make stronger contributions to your organization’s success.

Furthermore, giving feedback in real-time (and not 6 months after an activity or project was completed) has not only more immediate impact, but more impact in every way. In response to agile, real-time feedback, employees can make changes and improvements immediately – translating to better product, customer service, or collaboration in the here and now.  In every case, the result is better business outcomes. 

Finally, implementing Anytime, Anywhere Feedback helps build a strong culture of engagement within your organization. By focusing on employee development and providing consistent and agile guidance, you’ll better motivate and engage your employees by demonstrating your commitment to their short- and long-term success. Young professionals in particular value this kind of feedback and feel that it makes them more likely to stay with a company long term, increasing your retention and lowering turnover costs. The business benefits of Anytime, Anywhere Feedback and agile performance management are multi-faceted.

Download our Guide for 10 critical real-time feedback components your Anytime Anywhere Feedback should include.   

If you are ready to empower your team with a modern system that can better enable effective performance management, then use our Technology Buyer’s Guide to help you on your way!


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