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How Everyone Anywhere Wins with Social Collaboration

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Carl Rogers
on June 02, 2014

Today’s modern corporation has several scattered locations across a country, and in many cases across several countries. Imagine the challenge here: your organization needs to make a new value proposition pitch and then regionalize it to the needs of your local customers. If you don’t connect with a local audience, you don’t get local customers. It’s as simple as that.

Segue to social collaboration, a buzzword in the news headlines these days.

You’ve mostly likely seen how Facebook and Twitter have impacted message delivery. How can something like social collaboration conceivably help with your company’s value-pitch strategy? After all, you’re just opening up your entire company to infinitely transparent chatter, right?  

Well, kind of. But let’s look at it from a different perspective. With social collaboration, you’re taking valuable knowledge away from the water cooler and are redirecting it to a wider discussion pool. Everybody learns faster than ever.  

Employees from your various regions come together and create a mixing bowl of relevant information as it pertains to customer behavior. The employees who share valuable information get positively reinforced with a thumbs-up or by affirmation in reply. This friendly competition, if you will, creates an aura of positive reinforcement that elicits other team members to share constructive ideas too.  Everybody wins. It doesn’t matter if you’re in New York, London, or Beijing. You all win with collaboration.

You’re probably telling yourself now – but wait, you originally said it’s all about creating a meaningful message for the eyes & ears of the local customer. What would all employees coming together from several regions accomplish?  

Fair concern. But consider this: You now have a wealth of information that was sourced by all your colleagues, company-wide. This is information that you could never Google around for. And let’s be realistic. You’d never have time to ask everyone their thoughts, one by one, even if you had a million travel miles and a 24/7 schedule.

Now your regional experts can take data from social collaboration, translate it to relevant regional speak, and create meaning for your customers. It’s as simple as that.  

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