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Feedback, Where's Mine?

Kim Cyphers
on June 20, 2017

Feedback is a core element of daily communication, and yet 65% of employees feel they don’t get enough.  Why is something so fundamental so often lacking?

Performance discussions and providing ongoing employee feedback are becoming more than just management best practices. The ability to give feedback that encourages employees to be top performers is an essential skill in a leader’s toolbox for driving employee engagement.  Many healthcare organizations are encouraging not only leadership to provide ongoing feedback to employees, but also that employees provide each other feedback more frequently. 

The challenge is that giving great feedback is hard work. It takes intention, focus and time to do it well. We believe there are three main reasons that employees feel they do not receive enough feedback…

It’s Hard! 

Research by the Harvard Business Review shows that employees prefer to receive corrective feedback (57%) over receiving positive feedback (43%).  Over 72% of employees say that their performance would improve if they would receive more corrective feedback in a timely manner. 

Many employees find it extremely stressful to provide negative or corrective feedback to their peers.  Providing honest feedback, particularly when it's of the corrective variety, can be difficult.  By utilizing the Continuous Feedback form below to align feedback to a specific employee goal and/or competency provides focus to the feedback and the opportunity to identify specific observation the support the feedback. 


I Don’t Have Time!

In today’s workplace, working as a team when caring for patients is vital.  Physicians, nurses, ancillary staff and environmental services must work together to provide a great overall patient experience.  Given the large span of control for leadership and limited opportunities to observe Physician, Patient and family member interactions of each employee, it is almost impossible for managers alone to provide frequent meaningful feedback to each employee. 

By encouraging Physicians, peers and others to provide frequent feedback for each other is one way that managers can receive ongoing feedback for employees from other sources that they may not otherwise receive.  The manager can then utilize that information to have ongoing performance conversations with employees to correct employee behaviors in a more timely way.


Making it easy to provide feedback via mobile devices is critical in making Continuous Feedback part of your organizational culture.


I Want More!

Top performing employees are continuously looking for feedback to achieve their career aspirations. Giving employees an easy way to request feedback from others on their current performance and the opportunity to self-identify areas for development for future role aspirations provides valuable information to the manager during performance discussions.   


Designed for today’s mobile and decentralized workforce, PeopleFluent empowers managers to provide feedback anytime, anywhere.  Forms and workflow are configurable for desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


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