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Looking for Ways to Improve the Patient Experience? Join Us at These Events to Learn How

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Kerry Fuqua
on March 25, 2016

How a patient feels about the treatment and care your healthcare organization provides is paramount for many reasons. While providing positive patient outcomes is your organization’s ultimate purpose, another impactful reason is how patient experiences affect your HCAHPS scores and the reimbursement amounts you’ll receive from CMS.  For any healthcare organization to remain profitable in the current environment, its business strategy must prioritize how to derive the best patient experiences possible.

But as an HR leader, how can you possibly help?  Well, recent research has found that how you execute your talent management strategies, and what you prioritize as HR imperatives, can directly impact patient outcomes.  If your healthcare staff is engaged, motivated, compensated fairly, well-trained, culturally aware, and filled with satisfied employees, your patient experiences will be better! 

This is why we are very excited to announce two upcoming events PeopleFluent will host and participate in that address this very issue. 

First, at our very own WISDOM conference, on Sunday, April 17th, 2016 we will host, along with our sponsor MDLive, the Healthcare Executive Summit.  The summit will provide a half-day of valuable content, starting with a presentation by Jason Wolf of the Beryl Institute, who’ll share insights on how talent strategies can positively impact the patient experience as well as some immediate actions you can take to help improve yours.  Following his talk will be a panel discussion and customer sessions, where you’ll learn to create workforce analytics that are most relevant to measure with talent management, as well as how innovative healthcare organizations are becoming employers of choice with effective talent acquisition and talent development strategies. 

Healthcare organizations have the most powerful, innovative, and untapped tools for success - their vast employee talent.  Imagine what could be possible in patient care if you were able to combine the top talent with the right talent development strategies, all aligned and focused on patient outcomes.  WISDOM 2016 and the Healthcare Executive Summit will bring together keynote speakers and global HR leaders to showcase best practices and innovative ways to unlock the power of your people. Find out how engaged, motivated, diverse, and dedicated healthcare professionals can change patient outcomes.  And learn actionable and measurable ways to drive business results. 

Register today at  We look forward to seeing you this April in Miami!

Secondly, from April 13-15, 2016 PeopleFluent will participate in The Beryl Institute Patient Experience Conference.  The Patient Experience Conference is the ‘largest independent, non-provider or vendor hosted event bringing together the collective voices of healthcare professionals across the globe to convene, engage and expand the dialogue on improving patient experience.’  At this interactive conference you’ll discover strategies and solutions for how you can impact the patient experience, whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to advance your program to the next level. You can also customize your experience through focused breakout sessions based on your organization’s development stage or focus area.1  Join hundreds of colleagues to hear from industry leaders, patients, hospital administrators on how you can make an important difference in the patient experience. 

Join us at one or both of these exciting events to network with other leaders in the field as we collaborate on best practices for healthcare HR leaders to meet the today’s challenging business issues through innovative talent strategies.


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