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“Alignment” isn’t just a term for yogis. In fact, aligning individual employee performance with business goals can have tremendous organizational impact. Getting this alignment right, however, continues to challenge even the most performance-focused companies.

During today’s PeopleFluent webinar, “Emerging Trends in Performance Management: Creating Agility and Alignment in 2016,” H3 HR Advisors CEO Trish McFarlane will discuss how flawed execution of performance management practices can hold companies back – and how you can learn to overcome these obstacles. Attendees will hear tips from Trish about how to design and manage goals that are flexible enough to adapt to the many uncontrollable factors that affect your business.

If any of the following issues are keeping you in knots, then don’t miss today’s webinar. Here are a few additional points that will be discussed:

  • How to ensure that your current performance management strategy – or lack thereof – isn’t disengaging your talent
  • How to incorporate the new trends that are impacting performance programs, including optimal frequency for reviews, the best conversation structure, and gathering “anytime/anywhere” feedback
  • How to minimize the potential for rater bias
  • How to better connect ratings, performance, and compensation within your organization
  • How best to integrate social, interactive, cloud-based technologies into your performance processes

Don’t let poor performance management practices hold you back in 2016. Join us to find out how to create the agility and alignment you need to motivate and retain your employees.

Register now for Emerging Trends in Performance Management: Creating Agility and Alignment in 2016 – the webinar begins at 2 p.m. EST.


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