Complete visibility to support informed compensation decisions

PeopleFluent gives growing enterprises the visibility they need to stay competitive—now and in the future.

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PeopleFluent Compensation Planning software helps you take your strategy beyond numbers and budgets. Attract and keep top performers. Build your employer brand. Sharpen your competitive edge. And just show your people they are truly valued.

Manager and employee communication tools

Empower managers to communicate compensation policies and decisions clearly and consistently to employees. At the same time, build a culture of trust and collaboration.

Customize your programs

Create compensation plans and programs specifically for your organization and your people. Build, execute, and measure without limits.

End-to-end planning, automated execution

Simplify compensation budgeting and approval with secure, centralized planning. Then use automation tools for accurate deployment.

Ready to get compensation planning right?

Let's discuss your planning requirements, total rewards, and how to maximize compensation spend.

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