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Highly Configurable & Candidate-Friendly: Why You (And Your Applicants) Win With PeopleFluent Recruiting

The recruitment game is changing, and job seekers are becoming more selective about which opportunities they pursue. One survey found 70% of job seekers wouldn’t submit an application that takes more than 15 minutes to complete. Candidates no longer accept drawn-out application and interview processes as the norm and are instead seeking opportunities that fit into their schedules.

A laborious process—or an experience that isn’t user-friendly—could leave candidates with a negative impression of your organization. Candidates are evaluating your company’s culture from the moment they begin their applications. Organizations should be doing everything they can to provide potential employees with a streamlined hiring process so applicants feel respected and valued, even if they aren’t ultimately the best fit for a role.

To hire top talent, it’s critical to provide a top-tier experience for your candidates. A vital piece of this experience design is assessing your software capabilities. You’ll need to ensure your recruiting software is intuitive enough to meet your specific needs. An ultra-sleek user experience alone won’t give you the people analytics necessary to make well-informed hiring decisions.

That’s why PeopleFluent has enhanced its recruitment offering to provide the best of both worlds. PeopleFluent Recruiting distinguishes itself from its predecessor—and its competitors—with highly configurable product features while also providing a modern user experience. Read on to learn how.

Support Communication and Enhance the Candidate Experience

Whether they’re recent graduates or seasoned professionals seeking a new challenge, your candidates will come from diverse backgrounds—and they lead busy lives. That’s why PeopleFluent’s recruitment software is optimized for mobile and desktop use. Your recruiters and candidates can access their respective profiles from anywhere, at any time.

This also makes communication more efficient. Instead of multiple back-and-forth emails or rounds of phone calls, PeopleFluent Recruiting allows you to automate your communications with candidates while maintaining their personalized experiences. The messaging templates are fully configurable, meaning communications with candidates can be scheduled to be sent according to your needs.

You can also schedule and send SMS messages to candidates right from their profile, the recruiter inbox, or from the mobile app. Real-time conversations are available for your hiring teams so they’re always up to speed with prospective employees as candidates progress through various hiring workflows.

PeopleFluent Recruitment screenshot showing the ability for administrators to add nurture campaigns to send messages to candidates via SMS.
Create and schedule SMS-based nurture campaigns to reach candidates directly.

The SMS functionality can also be used for nurture campaigns. For example, you may have several strong candidates who could do well in your organization but aren’t the highest contenders for the role to which they’ve applied. Rather than eliminating them entirely, you can leverage PeopleFluent Recruiting to create a nurture campaign that keeps talent engaged while encouraging these prospects to apply for other opportunities within your organization.

PeopleFluent Recruiting screenshot showing scheduling link capability that allows administrators to predetermine interviewers' availability, so candidates can self-schedule interviews.
Predetermining your meeting criteria lets candidates schedule their own interviews with your organization at a time that works best for everyone.

In addition to automating communication, PeopleFluent Recruiting streamlines interview scheduling by integrating with your team’s existing calendars. The highly configurable software lets you predetermine your recruiters’ availability for interviews, which means your candidates can choose the times that work best for their busy schedules.

You can also configure your team’s availability according to the requirements of each role. Some positions may call for a panel of interviewers. In this case, you can use the calendar integrations to see when each person is available in order to select the most suitable time to conduct the interview.

For other roles, a pooled approach may be more appropriate. This software capability lets you add multiple interviewers to a “pool” to give candidates more flexibility in scheduling their interviews. Only one person will conduct the interview, but the candidate will have a much broader range of scheduling options.

These functionalities all save your recruiters and hiring teams time while making the candidate experience as positive and user-friendly as possible.

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Recruit Your Way With Flexible Self-Service Capabilities

PeopleFluent Recruiting puts you in control with its high configurability. The intuitive administrative tools allow you to easily create modern career portals that highlight your company’s unique benefits, teams, job opportunities, and more.

The flexible software meets your unique specifications through configuration that enables ample adjustments. For example, if your organization utilizes job boards like LinkedIn or Indeed, you can use a candidate’s information from these platforms to pre-fill their applications, saving candidates from providing you with duplicate information.

You can also enable Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) forms for individual roles. These configurations help you remain compliant with US and European regulations.

One way you can leverage these capabilities is with event-specific web pages. When your organization participates in on-site hiring events, you can quickly deploy a page that is specific to the event your recruiters are attending.

Let’s say your organization is attempting to fill many entry-level positions by attending hiring fairs at colleges and universities. Once you’ve created an event page for one university, you can easily duplicate that page and use it as a template for other similar events. By eliminating the need to create new event pages from scratch, you save time while still providing diverse experiences to your potential candidates based on your specific audiences.

Assessing candidate quality is difficult. PeopleFluent Recruiting provides an unlimited number of candidate scorecards everyone on the hiring team can use. You can create endless scorecards for various positions depending on how you choose to organize your candidates. Additionally, you can select the level of importance for various indicators to ensure that candidates with the strongest relevant skills and experience move further through the hiring process.

PeopleFluent Recruiting screenshot demonstrating AI-based candidate match scoring capability.
AI-based match scoring provides deeper insights into how candidates align with your open positions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool you can leverage to screen candidates quickly when you receive a high volume of applications for a particular role. The AI-based match scoring in PeopleFluent Recruiting offers data-driven insights but will never make an elimination decision for you. Instead, these insights help your team determine which additional information they should seek from candidates to assist with hiring decisions.

As candidates move through your hiring process, they’ll also be assigned team scores based on an average of each interviewer’s experiences with the applicants. You can compare the candidates’ AI-based match scores and team scores alongside one another, which gives you a more holistic picture of each candidate’s capabilities. Additionally, you’re able to sort candidates according to specific skills, qualities, or other criteria. Your team can use all of this data to help make hiring decisions effectively.

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Define, Calculate, and Measure Relevant Recruitment Benchmarks With Ease

In order to make effective hiring decisions, your organization needs recruitment benchmarks in place to equitably assess potential candidates. Each company’s needs are unique, so generic benchmarks aren’t especially helpful. That’s why PeopleFluent Recruiting allows you to create limitless custom fields. You can assess candidates by as many or as few criteria as you’d like and make changes based on specific roles.

PeopleFluent Recruitment screenshot demonstrating ability for administrators to create custom reports based on desired criteria.
Custom reports show you the analytics you need to make data-driven decisions.

New for 2022 (and beyond) is custom reporting. This enterprise business intelligence tool is embedded directly into PeopleFluent Recruiting, giving you access to all of your recruiting and talent data in one convenient location. You also have the ability to incorporate datasets from third-party applications, giving you even more information about your candidates and recruiting process.

With the custom reporting capabilities, you can publish and share different recruiting analyses with others within your organization so business leaders can make data-driven decisions. For example, you can create reports on job insights to see which roles in your organization have the most interest and which jobs need more sourcing.

You can also see breakdowns of your different candidate sources to determine where your applicants come from, as well as the quality of your current candidate sources. Visual analytics can help you quickly identify which sources produce the most high-quality candidates. This can help you determine whether or not it’s necessary to reevaluate your relationships with some of your sources.

PeopleFluent Recruiting gives you the power to create your own recruitment reports and dashboards. They’re fully configurable, ensuring you have the data you want to see while leaving out the information you don’t need.

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Intuitive Recruiting Software Flexible Enough to Meet Your Needs

Your organization has a unique talent acquisition strategy, and a “one size fits all” approach likely can’t accommodate specific needs—let alone changing requirements based on individual roles.

The intuitive administrative capabilities of PeopleFluent Recruiting give you the flexibility necessary to find and retain the best candidates for your organization. Features like automated candidate communications make interview scheduling more efficient while still providing applicants with personalized experiences. The highly configurable software gives you endless opportunities to collect and measure candidate data, ensuring you are making well-informed hiring decisions. You’ll have everything you need to recruit with confidence using PeopleFluent Recruiting.

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Win the Recruiting Game With Software Designed to Meet Your Needs

Ready to discover how PeopleFluent Recruiting can help you hire and retain the best candidates for your organization? Watch our webinar to learn more, or request a demo today!

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