Published: Nov 12, 2018
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Top 3 Benefits of Single Sign-On for LMS Users

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a convenient and safe way for learners to access your Learning Management System (LMS). This blog post outlines the key benefits of SSO for LMS users and how your organization can benefit.

We can probably all relate to the pain of trying to remember all our different passwords. Between online shopping, banking, emails, apps, and social media, it’s reported that many of us have at least 90 different accounts that require passwords.

But it’s increasingly the case that, when you set up a new account or install an app, you’ll be asked, "Do you want to continue with Google? Or Facebook?" Select either one and you’re straight in—no new account or password required.

That’s SSO in action. Your credentials in one place are used to verify your access somewhere else. And after this happens once, you don’t have to keep entering your details on repeat visits. Pretty convenient, right? Many organizations are now implementing SSO to simplify the way their employees access different systems—and your LMS can easily plug in, too.

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1. Provides a Smoother Experience for LMS Users

With SSO, learners seamlessly switch between different systems, portals, and applications. This makes their learning experience smoother and more coherent without the need to endlessly enter login details—which can break that all-important flow of learning.

If you combine SSO with other integration technologies, such as connectors, you can also ensure your learners move seamlessly through different types of learning in your LMS.

Consider this scenario: a learner logs into the LMS to complete some eLearning. Once they’re finished, they see there's a related virtual classroom session, which they enroll in. They go back to the LMS to enter the classroom because it has a built-in connection to the virtual classroom application.

2. Combats LMS Access Issues

In recent years, single sign-on has been one of the biggest tools in making our online lives easier to manage.

The ability to take away any friction that could deter your learners from accessing learning is a key benefit of SSO. Because learners don’t have to log into your LMS separately from other internal systems, they’re far more likely to go there in the first place.

Single sign-on for LMS users also opens up access to content away from learners’ desks. This is especially important for remote workers, learners who don’t have traditional desk jobs, or employees in areas with unreliable connectivity.

When combined with a cloud-based mobile LMS, SSO enables learners to access learning anytime, anywhere, on mobile devices. When your LMS is easier to access, it helps to embed learning into your employees' day-to-day lives, rather than something they access every so often—and have most likely forgotten the password for!

3. Establishes a Safe and Secure LMS

Technology should make our lives easier and safer. And single sign-on does just that. Many people use the same passwords for different accounts and systems, which increases the potential for a security breach in one system to spread to others. When the number of passwords needed to access different systems is reduced, the risk that passwords are re-used across different systems is reduced, too.

With single sign-on technology, learners only need one set of login details for verified access to different systems. For high consequence industries, where a data breach could have a serious impact, this is a major benefit.

The technical capabilities of your LMS need to be open and agile so you can deliver the best learning experience to your learners, yet secure enough to satisfy your organization’s security challenges. Single sign-on is just one way you can meet both of these requirements.

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