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How HR Can Unleash the Power of Video Across the Enterprise

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Joe Sansone
on October 20, 2014

As you work tirelessly managing endless e-mails and checking off activities on multiple projects – whether that be in front of your computer screen, tablet or mobile device – 85.9% of the U.S. Internet audience is viewing online video. 

Granted some of those videos are up-and-coming online pop star sensations, or silly cat-in-robotic-tank videos that you can’t help but laugh at (and I just watched in my Facebook stream), but many, many more are all about learning something new – how-to videos, skill development videos, training videos, and other specific “classroom” subject videos.

In fact, by 2016, it’s estimated that 1.5 billion people will be utilizing online video services. Cisco also predicts we will consume three trillion Internet video minutes worldwide per month. In other words, the world will watch 833 days of video every single second. 

But the power of video extends far beyond the realm of Netflix, YouTube, and Vine. Video is permeating various functions in every industry; the reason being that people learn best and retain more by watching versus reading. According to a report from Corbin Ball Associates, as many as 50% of us remember what we see and hear rather than what we read.

If you haven’t already consumed learning videos in the social wilds, or those created and distributed specifically for online learning sites, you most certainly have consumed them at your place of work. This includes everything from new hire training videos, to harassment videos, to diversity videos, to “learn before you transact” videos that might entail how to use your talent acquisition or talent management system as a employee, admin or HR manager.

Video-based learning is not only how the next generation will learn, it’s how many of us are learning today.

Which is why the human resources industry is embracing the use of video in their learning and training programs, investing in platforms and systems that infuse collaborative video capabilities. As TalentCulture Founder and CEO Meghan M. Biro attests, “One of the most exciting tools to emerge as a feature of HR technology’s evolving systems of engagement is video.” 

Referenced above, HR departments are increasingly utilizing video in how-to video tutorials in the workplace. Video interviews have also gained tremendous traction in talent acquisition, both live and recorded. Additionally, there are companies now that are leveraging video to give prospective employees a sense of a workplace’s culture before they begin the application process. Such is the case for our Recruiting Mirror application, which integrates with our flagship recruiting solution and enables talent acquisition teams to create, house and distribute company overview videos and “day-in-the-life” employee videos to job postings and other corporate career site pages.

While the talent management industry has undoubtedly realized the value of video, its use has largely been relegated to learning and recruiting (recruiting is always an early adopter). At PeopleFluent, we’re also urging HR managers to recognize the benefits of utilizing video in performance management and succession planning. Video can have an immense impact on performance management and succession planning processes, helping employees develop their long-term career plans as well as communicating via internal mentoring communities. Perhaps most importantly, video has the power to ensure employees feel empowered and involved by being able to see and collaborate with one another regardless of where they sit from day to day.

Many of today’s most successful companies are also using video to build their brands, sell their products and services, and communicate with key audiences. It’s time for HR to unleash the power of video across all functions. As Josh Bersin of Bersin by Deloitte concisely states, “If you aren’t using video in your HR applications, you should think about it.”

To learn more about how HR leaders can leverage the power of video, you can download our whitepaper, 6 Tips for Integrating Video Systems into Your HR Systems.

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