Drive Employee Development with Ongoing Feedback and Customizable Performance Reviews

Performance reviews used to be a dreaded process for employees. Eliminate surprises with continuous feedback and a seamless review process.

Drive the Right Conversations

Your organization is continuously evolving. Capture the right performance information, at the right time, with different review and feedback options.

  • Customize your process
  • Easily launch manager, self, and 360 performance reviews
  • Target reviews by department, location, and more
  • Request feedback from employees, teams, or managers

Instill Equity into Your Processes

Unconscious biases can pop up in performance reviews. Take a proactive approach to eliminating biases with expert-designed tools from PeopleFluent.

  • Boost fairness
  • Access dozens of objective performance review questions, straight from PeopleFluent’s performance management software
  • Use calibration tools to analyze performance ratings by employee demographic
  • View in-depth people analytics to assess trends in diversity, equity, and inclusion

Drive Employee Development with Anytime Feedback

Empower employees to take control of their growth with easy-to-use feedback tools. After key milestones or on an ongoing basis, team members can gather insights that help them grow.

  • Provide a 360 view of employee performance
  • Request feedback from peers, cross-functional team members, and managers
  • Easily kick off feedback cycles with a user-friendly process
  • View received feedback, and track progress, right in PeopleFluent

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