Goal Management Software to Drive Alignment, Accountability, and Productivity

Ensure that all team members are marching towards your most important organizational goals. Move onward and upward by cascading objectives, tracking progress, and sharing results.

Seamlessly Track Progress

One of the reasons that people don’t achieve their goals is because they’re caught up in the whirlwind of their other projects and ad-hoc requests. PeopleFluent Goal Management will help you smoothe the goal-setting process. Keep objectives front and center, and enable HR professionals, leaders, managers, and team members to get a snapshot of their performance.

  • View real-time results
  • See high-level metrics—such as the number of active goals and current progress—for your team and company
  • Identify at-risk goals to intervene early
  • Easily update goals to address shifting priorities

Support the Goal Methodology That Works Best for Your Company

There’s no right way to manage goals and task completion. Every company has a different culture, and a methodology that may work better for their unique workforce. Whether your company uses OKRs, SMART goals, FAST goals, or another framework, we can support your methodology with a highly configurable goal-setting solution.

  • Make goals work for you
  • Enable employees to seamlessly create, edit, and track goals
  • Conquer team projects by assigning key results to the right individuals
  • View and edit alignment to ensure that team members are working on effective goal setting that support bigger-picture objectives

Provide an Objective View of Performance

Leveraging data is one of the best ways to combat biases in the workplace. By viewing past employee performance—such as goal completion rates and the percent of on-time goals—managers can provide a more accurate assessment of their direct reports’ achievements.

  • Drive effective talent planning
  • Seamlessly pull goals into review forms for easy insights into performance
  • View goals before one-on-one meetings to enable productive conversations
  • See employee objectives, feedback, and recognition in one place for a holistic overview of the team member’s strengths and areas of opportunity

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