Customizable Engagement Surveys, Dashboards, and Action Plans

Employee engagement is a leading indicator for performance, productivity, and retention. Maximize employee happiness by understanding what is most important to your unique workforce.

Benchmark Your Results

Defining what “strong” employee engagement looks like can be challenging. Fortunately, PeopleFluent has all of the tools you need to draw meaningful insights from your engagement data.

  • Find a meaningful comparison
  • Leverage out-of-the-box benchmark data by industry and company size
  • Upload historic engagement data from your company—even if it’s outside of the PeopleFluent system
  • View company-wide data versus results by department and location to troubleshoot hotspots

Utilize Pre-Built Tools for a Faster Process

Save time building engagement surveys, dashboards, and action plans. PeopleFluent’s out-of-the-box templates are still customizable, so you can add survey questions, reports, and next steps that are meaningful to you.

  • Launch surveys now
  • Get started with engagement, exit, onboarding, DEI, and other pre-built survey templates
  • Easily analyze results with ready-to-view reports, including heat maps, factor scores, and Natural Language Processing for survey comments
  • Improve employee sentiment with PeopleFluent action plans, built on engagement best practices

Boost Inclusivity

Get a deeper understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion at your organization—and leverage proven methodologies to drive your company forward. PeopleFluent provides an out-of-the-box solution to begin assessing and improving your inclusion efforts.

  • Instill equity and fairness
  • Leverage our survey template, created in consultation with ReadySet, a high-touch boutique consulting firm specializing in making more human-centric, inclusive work environments
  • Gather nuanced insights on your company’s strengths and areas of opportunity with a customizable DEI dashboard
  • Use included benchmarks, your survey insights, and our research-backed action plans to help build a better workplace

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