One-on-One Meeting Software to Increase Employee Retention

Improve employee engagement with productive one-on-one meetings. Out-of-the-box conversation starters drive meaningful dialogue on careers, coaching, remote work, and more.

Encourage Meaningful Dialogue

Managers and employees may be hesitant to discuss feedback, career aspirations, and other weighty topics. HR teams can address this proactively with PeopleFluent’s Conversation Starters. Encourage direct reports to select open-ended questions on team performance, constructive feedback, and more to help them continuously improve.

  • Start talking
  • Enable managers and employees to select topics that are meaningful to them
  • Drive connectivity with Conversation Starters on remote work
  • Comment, and mark as completed, to easily track action items

Build 1:1s into the Flow of Work

Many employees have preferred work apps that they use all the time. Make it easy for these team members to schedule valuable one-on-one meetings. PeopleFluent’s seamless integrations make it easy to add agenda items, keep track of meeting notes, and view topics for upcoming conversations.

  • Build a better experience that recognizes great work
  • Help employees plan productive meetings with the ability to add topics right in their inbox and chat tools
  • Get notified in Slack and Microsoft Teams when new agenda items are created by teammates
  • Remove topics as needed when priorities change

Have Productive Conversations

Unsure where to start in your one-on-one meetings? Identify key priorities with helpful sidebar content, right in PeopleFluent.

  • Cover big-picture items
  • View goals and completion rates to address at-risk projects
  • See historic feedback to identify projects that went well, and opportunities for improvement
  • Celebrate wins by viewing employee recognition
  • Champion peer recognition with a recognition program that records positive feedback

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