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The Four E's: Your Fast Lane to Continuous Learning

One Answer — Continuous Learning

Learning is not an isolated, one-time event. Employees learn through a series of events, activities, and experiences. Bersin by Deloitte defines continuous learning as “... structuring resources, expectations, and learning culture in such a way as to encourage employees to learn continuously throughout their tenure with the organization.” Effective learning starts with truly understanding your employees’ capabilities and, especially, the specific ways they consume information.

  • Effective continuous learning according to Bersin revolves around a combination of several holistic approaches called the Four E’s; Education, Experience, Exposure, and Environment.
  • Education - encompasses elements we often think of in the context of learning and development. These elements generally have a defined beginning and end, and can be tracked.
  • PeopleFluent offers a rich catalog of formal and informal learning sessions with embedded analytics to help you stay compliant, make timely decisions, and track impact.
  • Experience - includes elements that generally occur while employees are in the workplace, and which may include stretch assignments, job rotations, and special projects.
  • Companies rely on our learning platform to ensure alignment with their overall talent management, performance improvement and coaching/mentoring activities.
  • Exposure - comprises learning elements that involve interaction and relationships. It helps employees to develop by building connections with other professionals and thought leaders.
  • Our social, mobile and collaborative solutions encourage knowledge gathering and, more importantly, sharing enterprise wide.
  • Environment - covers the various tools, systems, and other infrastructure that employees use on the job to learn or support them in their work.
With PeopleFluent Learning, even the most complex organizational and domain learning initiatives become user-friendly, easily managed, and can evolve over time to continually meet your workforce needs through an integrated learning platform.

As a leading provider of next-generation, innovative learning solutions, PeopleFluent also takes a holistic approach to continuous learning. We provide an integrated experience with features and functionality, such as formal and informal learning, micro-learning, on-demand video learning, social, and mobile. Whether you are developing Millennials to acquire the skills needed to continue your operations, or transferring knowledge from baby boomers to younger generations,

PeopleFluent Learning provides you the comprehensive solution to deliver and facilitate classroom learning, social learning, collaboration, mentor programs, and video-based learning. As a result, organizations can build a world-class workforce with the knowledge and skills to truly thrive in an ultra-competitive, high speed marketplace.

In order to maintain a competitive edge with constant skill building, training, and knowledge sharing, companies must ensure that they are creating a culture of learning that delivers maximum impact. However, for many organizations, getting on the fast lane to continuous learning can seem to be well above the speed limit of their capabilities. To help, PeopleFluent Learning can provide engaging, collaborative learning opportunities that supports continuous learning with an intuitive enterprise experience at a fast pace.

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Source: Bersin by Deloitte, Reimagining L&D Capabilities to Drive Continuous Learning, March 2015

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