Talent Management Pays Off: $3,212 per Medicare Beneficiary

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A recently published PeopleFluent white paper Make the Business Case for Talent Management in Healthcare reports that healthcare organizations with best practices in talent management strategies save an average of $3,212 per Medicare beneficiary over hospitals that don’t.   

Consider how many Medicare beneficiaries your organization serves and what the potential savings is for your organization. 

Those talent management best practices include the following:

  • Performance appraisal processes
  • Talent assessment practices
  • Incentive pay
  • Leadership development
  • Role-based development and selection
  • Onboarding practices

Best practices in all of these disciplines will help you to recruit, retain, and develop the best staff to not only deliver the best possible patient care, but also have a positive impact on your bottom line.

In just one example, investing in leadership development helps guide doctors and other healthcare professionals to better serve not just their patients, but the organization as a whole. Listen to how we've helped some of the nation's leading healthcare organizations create the leadership development strategies and processes that drive positive return on HR investment:

Learn how to best present the case for talent management within your healthcare organization; download our new whitepaper today!

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