Peoplefluent Announces Launch of Enterprise Collaboration Video Technology

Dramatically Expands Customer Collaboration and Support Initiatives and Propels Learning Offerings with Share, Search and Discussion Capabilities of On-Demand Digital Video Technology

WALTHAM, Mass. – April 24, 2013 – PeopleFluent, a leading social human capital management (HCM) technology company, today announced the acquisition of KZO Innovations by Bedford Funding. With this acquisition, Peoplefluent significantly differentiates its Communications, Collaboration and Learning offerings within the Talent Management suite with a premier collaborative video technology. Through the use of KZO’s on-demand video technology, Peoplefluent will also dramatically expand its own customer support and training initiatives worldwide.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can be an encyclopedia of compelling, relevant information with the potential to enhance comprehension with emotionally intuitive content,” said Charles S. Jones, Chairman and CEO of PeopleFluent. “Today we infuse the newest video technology with first-of-its-kind capture, search and discussion functionality into our Talent Management product offerings to forever change the ways in which our customers engage and enable their own employees and clients. We also have deployed this breakthrough technology across our own service and support organization, radically improving the ways in which we support and collaborate with our own customers in live, visual and dynamic communities of shared interests, outcomes and goals.”

KZO has pioneered user engagement with video to enable new collaborative approaches for organizations through advanced video solutions, driving effectiveness and efficiencies in training, education and communication. The KZO video technology is strongly differentiated in its marketplace with extensive content search capabilities and first-of-its-kind collaboration functionality which enables audio tagging, content searching, video tabbing, discussion threading, and interactive dialogue within all types of digital video and audio resources. The applications also enable live chat with experts or content owners, companion document and digital resource synchronization and an increasingly rich library of viewer contributions, expanding the value and relevance of digital content properties with every interaction.

Understanding that visual technologies are received, structured and stored by viewers more efficiently and with higher impact than any other form of information delivery, Peoplefluent will immediately begin embedding KZO technology into its Talent Management product offerings with an initial strong focus in the Learning product lines. The company will work with existing customers to enhance the value of their current systems with the latest collaborative digital video technology. Peoplefluent will also engage with customers to prepare customized content and video properties to expand the increasingly important online training and learning curriculums in place and help transform existing libraries of content with the latest in digital tagging and search for easy, efficient and relevant search, sourcing, sharing and learning.

PeopleFluent has also boldly expanded its own customer engagement model with a new customer exchange environment. The company’s newest customer community and portal brings together all customer touch, inquiry and collaboration into one powerful, interactive and engaging online environment for the first time. With the addition of KZO digital video in this forum, PeopleFluent focuses its efforts on personal connections, emotional engagement, customized training and enhanced communication with customers through the broad use of the most compelling communication and training functionalities available today.

KZO technology is broadly deployed within PeopleFluent’s own organization and has delivered early success in sales training and marketing initiatives. Deployment is extending rapidly into Learning and new customer outreach and engagement programs.

About KZO Innovations

Founded in 2007, KZO is a social online video platform used to manage, distribute and capture video content. Differentiated by extensive search and collaboration capabilities, KZO helps its commercial enterprise and government agencies increase efficiency, collaboration, training and engagement through advanced video capture and management services. The company is based in Reston, VA and serves customers worldwide. For more information, please visit

About PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent is the leading provider of talent management solutions designed to support the entire workforce. We provide the mobile enablement, social collaboration, information visualization and the domain expertise required to empower strategic decision making and true employee engagement. Our talent management software enables organizations to unlock each individual’s potential by removing the boundaries that limit the performance and productivity of your workforce. With the most comprehensive talent suite in the industry including solutions for talent management, workforce compliance and diversity, contingent workforce management, analytics and workforce planning, PeopleFluent offers a solution to optimize every step of the talent lifecycle.

Our solutions have helped over 5,100 organizations in 214 countries and territories successfully achieve their talent aspirations. Today, 80% of the Fortune 100 relies on Peoplefluent solutions as part of their talent management delivery strategy.

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